Northern Vietnam

Useful travel websites and resources

I love to travel. I am also someone who likes to have a general plan in mind.

With bigger trips where you have more time, such as our five months in South East Asia, it’s great to be able to have the flexibility to change your plans on the fly. When you have less time though, planning things and doing some research in advance helps you spend more time enjoying yourself when you’re on your trip, rather than trying to sort out accommodation at the last minute.

Below are a few websites and other resources I’ve found helpful.



Agoda – discount hotels
Hostelworld – backpackers and guest houses
Airbnb – stay in local accommodation, from rooms in someone’s house, to whole apartments/houses


Seat 61 – fantastic site with all you ever need to know about various trains, including reviews, tips, prices, and schedules


Hobomaps – maps and other info about Laos and some parts in Thailand
Travelfish – a travel site dedicated to South East Asia
Wikitravel – user-generated content about specific destinations
Lonely Planet – the travel guides are worthwhile, particularly for those on a budget – I don’t find their website particularly helpful

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